Bob’s Last Party *Flash Fiction*

This is a flash fiction I wrote for microcosms. The prompt was to incorporate this sentence, “The guest didn’t move, having been dead for over an hour.” 300-word max.

Bob’s Last Party

Fran raised her glass, “Welcome to our 5th annual block party. I’m glad you could all make it.”

The party started off like any other party. In a few months, the evening would have faded in everyone’s mind if it had not been for Bob.

As dusk was turning to dark, Fran sat by the edge of the pool sipping her margarita and watching the lights sparkle on the water. She congratulated herself on a job well done. She loved to throw parties, especially this one because she could show off her newly remodeled kitchen.

“Is this seat taken?” Betty sat carefully on the folding chair. Her sensible shoes and stocking firmly in place. No chance she would be dipping her toes in the water tonight. “Great party, Fran. Thanks for inviting Bob and me.”

“Are you guys having a good time?”

“I certainly am. You know Bob though. He hasn’t moved off the couch all night. After 52 years of marriage, I do love Bob, but he can be so set in his ways. I tease him that I am going start dusting him when I dust the furniture because he’s always sitting in the same spot.”

“Well, let’s add some spunk to Bob’s life. I’ll get a game of cornhole going. He won’t be able to resist that!”

After twenty minutes of shooing everyone to the empty lot, Fran looked around for Bob wondering what was taking him so long.
“I’ll go drag his derriere off the couch before he becomes a permanent fixture,” Betty said.

Moments later a blood-curdling scream came from the house. As if in slow motion everyone ran in unison to find Betty stunned and pointed to Bob. Bob didn’t move, having been dead for almost an hour.

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