Brave is Being Afraid and Doing it Anyway

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This is a flash fiction piece I wrote. I used 299 of my allotted 300 words. I needed to use this sentence in my story, “I am here because I want resolution.”

I’m worried about you. You sit in that corner hour after hour. You should be playing outside with the other rabbits.” Squeaker sunk lower on the wall and waited for Mama rabbit to finish sweeping his room. He was comfortable here, he thought as he pulled on the loose yarn from his sweater.

At supper, Ellie was talking about her adventures in the garden.“I was scared, but I did it anyway.” That night after being tucked into bed, he whispered to his sister.

“How do you get the courage to go into the garden? Ever since the close call last spring, I’d rather stay safe than risk being lunch”

“Can I tell you a secret? That ole cat scares me too. But each day he doesn’t eat me, I am glad I took the chance.

Squeaker shook as he dressed. Today he would take his life back, afraid or not. As his paws stepped on the soft dirt, he inhaled the smells of fresh air and crisp lettuce and was glad he decided to go outside. He nibbled his way down the row and hopped over the fallen rake as he heard Ellie scream.

“Squeakers, watch out.” But Ellie was too late. He turned around to look straight into Patches green eyes.

“You’re mine now.” He growled.

“I am here because I want resolution.” Squeakers stood tall, faking brave. “If you want to eat me, eat me. I’d rather live one day free than a lifetime in prison.”

Like lightning, Patches claw scratched Squeaker’s face. Squeakers ignored the pain and jumped on the handle of the rake. The end flung up and hit Patches on the head. With Patches startled, Squeakers darted for home.

As Mama tended his wounds, he thought about how he could outsmart Patches tomorrow.

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