I’m Aiming for 100 Rejections this Year

I don’t like rejections. I don’t think anyone likes rejections. So why am I aiming for 100 rejections this year? Because I am afraid of them.

And I’m tired of running from what I fear.  Because this the only way fear won’t control me.

I watched my friend receive rejection letter after rejection letter last year. As she swam in the deep end of the pool, I sat on the edge and watched her. Sometimes she swam a beautiful stroke and other times the water threatened to pull her under. I saw, in the end, she didn’t drown. The rejections didn’t kill her. She didn’t go into a corner and quit writing or become a Walmart greeter. (No offense to Walmart greeters) She finished her first novel. She got four acceptances letters. She wrote every day.

I’m such a copycat. If she didn’t drown, quit writing or become a monk—maybe I won’t either. 100 rejection letters. That means I have to show up each morning and write something. It’s so easy for me to sit at the computer and do non-writing things. When I sit down to write it becomes important for me to check emails, do a little research, or buy an armband for my phone.  None of which will get me rejection letters.

If I submit 100 pieces this year, I have a much better chance of getting a couple of acceptance letters if I submit two or ten. I’d rather aim for 100 rejections and see each rejection as a step toward success than aim for 5 acceptance letters and see each rejection as a failure.


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