NanoWrimo is here! #IWSG

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November 1 question – Win or not, do you usually finish your NaNo project? Have any of them gone on to be published?

It’s that time of year! November 1 means one thing–NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month. Each November gads of people from all over the world work towards a goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by November 30th.

Two years ago, I joined the challenge and completed the goal. As a new writer, I learned the art of sitting my butt in the chair and write every day. What started out as a memoir morphed into a fiction story. I have always loved reading and escaping to new worlds. It was a magical experience watching my fingers create a world of my own imagination. While I’ve yet to try and do anything with my half memoir-half novel, the experience gave me confidence that I could write a novel. And I fell in love with writing.

Did I participate last year?

I didn’t. It came down to priorities. With a blog, other writing projects and two kids at home, I wasn’t willing to add another thing and become the obsessed mom who locked herself in her room frantically pounding out keystrokes while my peeps scrounged around the kitchen for scraps of bread only to find they were moldy.

Am I participating this year?

I want to. As November gets closer, I’m so tempted to. My kids aren’t home anymore. I love the idea of just pure writing. No editing. No thinking. I love the high from watching the slider move each day closer to the goal of 50k words.

But I’m not going to.

It’s about priorities—again. I am taking a Fiction Writing class that ends midway through November. I also recently joined Toastmasters and a writing group. Outside of writing, November will be busy with Thanksgiving and my daughter coming home from three months in Germany.

Because I have this insatiable need to complete everything I commit to, I would lose character if I tried to add NaNoWriMo to the list. Rest assured, I would have my speech prepared for Toastmasters, my homework done for my class, and my story written for the writing group–while completing 1667 words each day for Nano.

But it would be ugly.

I would be grumpy and stressed and just not too much fun to be around. I want to love my daughter and the rest of my family well. I want to bake and shop and laugh instead of rushing through a to-do list. This is a season I’m not willing to be absent from. So for this year, I will say no. Maybe next year.


4 Replies to “NanoWrimo is here! #IWSG”

  1. I appreciate hearing your mind on priorities. Even now, I’m sitting and whittling my stories when I should be doing housework… No NaNo for me either. I’m too caught up in re-working my NaNo from two years ago. Two years! Holy cow, does this take forever when it’s on a part-time basis.

    1. Does your novel come from a NaNo? I don’t think I knew that. Now I want to do it even more…

  2. I like that — “insatiable need to complete everything I start”. I have that problem which is why my current WIP is 25 years in the making and still I’m working on it!

  3. You made a good choice. I wish it was a different month of the year really, because you’re so right, this is crazy busy season. I’m only attempting it because my husband is super encouraging and is helping pick up the slack so I can try. Every writer with kids needs a helper! 😊

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