The advantages of pen and paper

I decided to change the point of view on a piece I was writing. After manually changing two lines of  I’s to He’s, I got bored.

Find and replace feature came to my rescue.

A warning box popped up. “This action can’t be undone.”

I accepted it, without a second thought.

It didn’t change all the word I to the word He. Instead, it changed all the i’s in the whole document to he. My 2500 word chapter looked like this:

“Bobby, don’t pHeck at tHe wallpaper.” Mom saHed.
He rubbed my hand across floral-covered panelHeng. SomethHeng felt odd. “Mom, look, tHere’s a bump on tHe wall.”
“Uh huh. Leave Het alone.” Her thumbs clHecked on Her phone.
He contHenued to run my hand around tHe rHedge

They say you can’t reverse it? Nah, I’d just use find and replace again and do the opposite.

I found out that when they say you can’t reverse it, they mean you can’t reverse it. All the i’s in the whole document were now a capital letter–and the is spelled tI. I wondered if I should just retype the document.

“Bobby, don’t pIck at tI wallpaper.” Mom saId.
I rubbed my hand across floral-covered panelIng. SomethIng felt odd. “Mom, look, tIre’s a bump on tI wall.”
“Uh huh. Leave It alone.” Ir thumbs clIcked on Ir phone.
I contInued to run my hand around tI rIdge.

At that point, I glanced at the binder on the left side which shows all the documents I’d written in 2018. They were all in my new hieroglyphicslooking writing.

Instead of Find and Replace File, I’d chosen Find and Replace Project.


No worries. I’d restore from the backup on my hard drive.

Except the latest backup was last week.

After manually updating all the files I’d worked on since last week, I looked at the clock to see an hour and a half had passed.

I’d run out of time to write. 

Maybe I should rethink using pen and paper?

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  1. I used to love pen and paper. But after I discovered computer typing I don’t think I would go back to any great extent. It’s bad though when you screw up something or lose it. I’ve lost several things and could never remember the original “greatness” of what I typed the first time around.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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